How to Use the Right Hair Toner

Hair toners are usually used on blonde hair to change the tone of the hair. For instance, it can remove yellow tints or brassiness and give the blonde a more ashy or golden look. A toner is not a dye, but it can alter the underlying shade of the hair. It is vital to know how to use the best hair toner to help you get the blonde shade you want so that won’t need to a professional stylist.

Know When to Use a Toner

beauty girl with toned hairYou should wait until the hair is at the required shade to tone. Remember that you cannot tone it whenever you want. You can achieve the color you want when you know when you should tone it. For example, if you want a cool or light ashy color, you need to ensure that your hair has a light yellow color before you use the toner. This is because if the toner is used in the wrong shade of yellow, you will not get the results you want.

Tone After Bleaching

You should note that toning works well with the bleached hair. This can help you achieve the particular shades of blonde you want. In this case, you need to bleach the hair first and then add a toner later. The good thing about the toner is that it helps make the color uniform after bleaching. Various toners can be used after bleaching the hair. To get the desired shades, you need to bleach the hair to get the perfect color. This is the case if you start with black hair or dark brown hair and you want it to be blonde.

Use It After Dyeing the Hair

toned hairYou can use the toner after dyeing your hair. In some instances, the hair color you end up with may not exactly be what you want. You can remove various pigments; if your hair has a lot of brassiness, you can use the toner to adjust the color. Remember that the toner does not change the hair color, but it makes your shade uniform.

It is vital to note that you may not get the desired shade at first. This is because your hair is likely to have a lot of yellow pigment or red pigment. It is a good idea to listen to your hairstylist who can help you achieve the desired shade.…

Habits That Destroy Your Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are expensive. Ladies who use them spend a lot of money to get that gorgeous and perfect look. Some people will get disappointed by the fast rate of damage of the extensions. Well, this might be as a result of poor quality but still lousy day to day habits. You might be the number one enemy of your hair extensions without your knowledge. This article will give some of the things which destroy your hair extensions.

Pollutants in the air

beach, hair extensionsFumes, smog, and smoke are among the air pollutants which settle and form a layer on your hair extensions. The layers of dirt make them appear dusty and dull. In addition to that, they will dry the hair. If you have the habit of smoking or hanging out in a dusty area, cover your hair with a silk cloth to prevent smoke and dust from accumulating on your extensions.

Poor washing habits

Over washing and under washing your hair leads to severe damages. Improper washing makes the extensions appear dirty, dull and smells awful. Over-washing, on the other hand, makes your hair dry. To get the best results wash your extensions once in a week.

Harsh washing products

Your hair stylist must have asked you to use paraben and alcohol-free hair products. This is because alcohol rich cleaning and drying products are too harsh on your hair and will lead to massive damages. Always check the product labels to make sure you are using phosphate and sulfate free products on your hair.

Inadequate handling

Improper handling of your silky, smooth and cuticle free hair results to frizzy, tangled hair. It is important to give your hair a gentle touch all through. It is advisable to use combs and brushes with wide teeth. Rubber bands, bobby pins, and other styling products should be used only when necessary. Constant use results to falling of the hair extensions.

Unhealthy diet

kept hair extensionDid you know that diet plays an important role in managing your hair? Yes, it does. Too much oily fatty foods result in brittle and weak hair. If you love wigs, it is advisable to consume lots and lots of food rich in omega -3. It works well in maintaining the nutrients of natural hair. A non-oily conditioner can be used to keep your hair hydrated all day as well.…