December 2018

How to Use the Right Hair Toner

Hair toners are usually used on blonde hair to change the tone of the hair. For instance, it can remove yellow tints or brassiness and give the blonde a more ashy or golden look. A toner is not a dye, but it can alter the underlying shade of the hair. It is vital to know how to use the best hair toner to help you get the blonde shade you want so that won’t need to a professional stylist.

Know When to Use a Toner

tonicYou should wait until the hair is at the required shade to tone. Remember that you cannot tone it whenever you want. You can achieve the color you want when you know when you should tone it. For example, if you want a cool or light ashy color, you need to ensure that your hair has a light yellow color before you use the toner. This is because if the toner is used in the wrong shade of yellow, you will not get the results you want.

Tone After Bleaching

You should note that toning works well with the bleached hair. This can help you achieve the particular shades of blonde you want. In this case, you need to bleach the hair first and then add a toner later. The good thing about the toner is that it helps make the color uniform after bleaching. Various toners can be used after bleaching the hair. To get the desired shades, you need to bleach the hair to get the perfect color. This is the case if you start with black hair or dark brown hair and you want it to be blonde.

Use It After Dyeing the Hair

dyeYou can use the toner after dyeing your hair. In some instances, the hair color you end up with may not exactly be what you want. You can remove various pigments; if your hair has a lot of brassiness, you can use the toner to adjust the color. Remember that the toner does not change the hair color, but it makes your shade uniform.

It is vital to note that you may not get the desired shade at first. This is because your hair is likely to have a lot of yellow pigment or red pigment. It is a good idea to listen to your hairstylist who can help you achieve the desired shade.…