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Community Activist, Wife and Mother, Chief Skin Care Tester
My love affair with beauty products began while I was still playing dress-up in my mother’s shoes and make-up. Over the years I’ve been made to feel like a beauty queen through its magical, transforming powers, but things got serious when I realized these products were more than just perfect colors and shades. While in college, I had the life changing opportunity to study and do research at M.I.T. in cosmetic surfactants (surface chemical reactions). I learned that we’re more than just what we eat, but that what we put onto our largest organ, the skin, has lasting consequences to our health and well being. This new found enlightenment led me on a holistic journey for natural organic products, and continued to play an underlining role in all that I did.
I graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering, but instead of choosing a more traditional path, my quest steered me into sales, calling on some of largest cosmetic companies in the world. I learned the ins-and-outs of the business side of the world of cosmetics, but I wanted my journey to continue beneath the surface, so I returned to school for my esthetics-skin care license. What a wonderful and eye-opening experience! Esthetics has given me a holistic view of skin care. Instead of running to a dermatologist who would prescribe creams and ointments filled with parabens and other toxic chemicals, I learned about organic and naturally based skin care products that are just as effective, but without the harmful toxins. This “hands-on” experience combined with my Chemical Engineering background unites to form my unique foundation of knowledge.COMMUNITY ACTIVIST
To whom much is given, much is required, that’s what my Uncle D used to always say to me, and I have taken this mantra to heart. My life is driven by giving back and serving others. It’s a lifestyle, and when you bless others, you open the door for love to enter. Eden Organix gives back by creating human capital. This is done through scholarships, by supporting jobs for women who have fallen on hard times and by donating 10% of our profits to causes devoted to helping the environment and all women and children. I call this Purpose Driven Beauty, and it’s my passion. Some of our current initiatives have included Makeover Day. This uplifting event gave women from a transitional home much needed new suits, facials, hairstyles, makeup and a new lease on life. My philosophy is simple, if you can help people first, you can help the environment.CONNECT WITH US

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